It's so good to have you here - let's get to know each other better. Jere's a few totally random things about me that I thought you'd appreciate:

My name is Nikila. But most people call me Nikki or Niks. 

I love Jesus, obviously. When I was 16 I got baptised by my dad. In my wetsuit. At one of my fave surf breaks. 

I grew up in Perth, Western Australia. When I was 18 I jumped in a car and drove across the country. It's a really boring drive but I think I saw a dingo. 

Husband and I are in our 7th year of youth ministry. When I was 20, a group of mates and I started a youth group from scratch in our church. It's called CREW youth. 

We had a huge wedding. And handed out wedding invitations like coupons because we wanted everyone to come and hear the gospel. We had a huge bonfire, amazing worship, and a random dog was running around. Still not sure who it belonged to. Still the greatest party I've ever been to. 

Our wedding cake was a giant stack of donuts. So awesome. No regrets. 

I am a credentialed pastor in the ACC. (That stands for Australia Christian Churches).

I've been teaching YWAM on the topic of bible study since I was 20.

I preached my first message when I was 19 on the topic of bible study. I wore a blue flanno and no shoes. I still rarely wear shoes when I preach, unless I'm a guest preacher. And never when I worship lead. 

I have an irrational fear of jellyfish. Not ideal for a surfer.

I've been surfing since I was 12. So I guess for 14 years. I surfed for Western Australia as a teen and went to Quiksilver National Titles when I was 17 and got thrashed. It was challenging and super fun. 

I wrote my first story when I was 6 years old. It was about a dog and a cat. On Mars. In purple Comic Sans. Boss. 

I absolutely hate jellybeans. They look bad. They taste bad. They feel bad in my mouth. Especially the black ones. But no one likes those. 

Once I wrote a book for creative writing and my teacher loved it so much she read it out to the whole class. And gave me a box of jellybeans as a prize. Unfortunate. 

I married by BFF 4 years ago. When I first saw him in church, I literally thought "I didn't know Christians could be that good looking." You mock me - but wait til you see his face. 

We had tiny humans together. 2 daughters called Eden Elana & Dayla Bright.  Eden means the garden of life, paradise and also "my delight" (which she is, I mean she slept through the night from 3 weeks old). She has my eyelashes and her daddy's big blues. Dayla means "to draw water" or "overhanging branch". But she is so Bright, like the day - with THE fluffiest hair you've ever seen. Can't even cope with her cuteness levels. 

Ok, that's probably enough for now. Oh and one more thing - I'm obsessed with sunflower. They're faces follow the Sun.